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            Digital Level Hand Tool

            80 100 200 280Pro 600 680Pro 1000XY
            Type Pocket-Size Module Torpedo Waterproof Heavy Duty Waterproof 2-Axis Post
            Measuring Range (Single Axis) 0° ~ ±90° 0° ~ ±90° 0° ~ ±90° 0° ~ ±90° 0° ~ ±90° 0° ~ ±90° 0° ~ ±90°
            Measuring Range (Dual Axis)             0° ~ ±45°
            Resolution : 0.1° (1.745mm/M) DWL80E DWL100 DWL200        
            0.05° (0.873mm/M) DWL80Pro DWL130,180 ? DWL600 ? ?
            Accuracy : 0.1° DWL80E DWL100 DWL200        
            0.05° DWL80Pro DWL130,180 ? DWL600 ? DWL1000XY
            (°) Degree, % slope ? ? ? ? ? ?  
            inch/ft,mm/M   ? ? ? ? ?
            Buzzer Sound   ? ? ? ? ? ?
            HOLD function to freeze reading   ? ? ? ? ? ?
            Built in Vials ?   ? ? ? ? ?
            Magnet ?   ? ? ? ? ?
            Backlight LCD Display       LED ? OLED Display Color TFT Display
            Alternate Zero (Set any angle to 0) ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
            Inverted Reading DWL80Pro ? ? ? ?  
            Auto shut off (Power saving) ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
            User self calibration ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
            Dimension**(L)×(H)×(W)mm 107 x 55 x 18 95 x 54 x 43 (DWl-130)
            118 x 49 x 16 (DWL-180)
            200 x 43 x 18 230 x 57 x 28 600 x 60 x 30 600 x 60 x 30 61 x 121 x 52
            Approx.Weight(g) 100 100/110 140 350 750 800 496
            Operating Temp. 0°~+50°(Celcius) ? ? ? -20°~+60° ? -20°~+60° ?
            Storage Temp. -10°~+60°(Celcius) ? ? ? -30°~+70° ? -30°~+70° ?
            Waterproof Rating       IP67   IP65  
            Batteries 2 x CR2032 2 x CR2032 2 x CR2032 3 x AAA 2 x AAA 4 x AAA 2 x AAA
            * Product Specification and appearance are subject to change for product improvement without prior notice.
            ** Dimension stated in this chart is approximation.
            Blank Space - indicate this feature is not available for this model.
            Dot "?" indicate that all models from this series have this feature.
            2-Axis Precision Levelling Instrument
            DWL1300XY DWL1500XY DWL2000XY DWL3000XY DWL3500XY DWL8500XY
            Smart Level Smart Level Entry Level Premium Premium Ultra-Precision
            Measuring Range (Single Axis) 0.00° ~ ±5.00° 0.000° ~ ±2.000° 0.00° ~ ±90.00° 0.00° ~ ±90.00° 0.000° ~ ±20.000° 0.0 to 14400 arcsec. (0.0000° to ± 4.0000°)
            Measuring Range (Dual Axis) 0.00° ~ ±5.00° 0.000° ~ ±2.000° 0.00° ~ ±3.00° 0.00° ~ ±15.00° 0.000° ~ ±10.000° 0.0 to 7200 arcsec. (0.0000° to ± 2.0000° )
            Resolution : 0.002"/ft. or 40-second or 0.01° 0.0002"/ft. or 5-second or 0.001° 0.002 in/ft or 0.01° (0.18 mm/M) 0.002 in/ft or 0.01° (0.18 mm/M) 0.0002 inch/ft or 0.001° (0.02 mm/M) 1 arc-second (≤ 5μm/M)
            Accuracy : ±0.004"/ft. or ±0.02°
            from 0° ~ 0.5°

            ±0.04° at other angles
            ±0.0004"/ft. or ± 0.002°
            from 0° ~ 0.5°

            ± 0.004° at other angles
            ± 0.02° at 0.00° ~ ± 2.00°
            (349 μm/m)
            (0.004 in/Ft) (72 arcsec.)

            ± 0.04° at other angles
            ± 0.01° at 0.00° ~ ± 10.00°
            (0.002 in/Ft) (36 arcsec.)

            ± 0.03° at other angles
            ± 0.001° at 0.000° ~ ± 2.000°
            (0.0002 in/Ft) (3.6 arcsec.)

            ± 0.003° at other angles
            ± 1 arcsec. at 0 ~ 1080 arcsec.;

            ±3 arcsec. at other angles
            Accuracy Calibration Certification NIST, JIS, DIN (U.S., Japan & Germany) NIST, JIS, DIN (U.S., Japan & Germany) NIST, JIS, DIN (U.S., Japan & Germany) NIST, JIS, DIN (U.S., Japan & Germany) NIST, JIS, DIN (U.S., Japan & Germany) NIST, JIS, DIN (U.S., Japan & Germany)
            Repeatability 0.002"/ft. or 40-second 0.0002"/ft. or 5-second 0.01° (175μm/M) (0.002 in/Ft) 0.01° (175μm/M) (0.002 in/Ft) 0.001° (18μm/M) (0.0002 in/Ft) 1 arcsec. (≤ 5μm/M)
            Measurement Speed ≤ 3 Sec. ≤ 5 Sec ≤ 3 Sec. ≤ 3 Sec. ≤ 5 Sec. ≤ 8 Sec.
            Vibrometer (Relative g - unit) 1.0 2.0 2.0
            Magnet ?
            Display LED Colour TFT LCD
            Power Supply** 2 x AA 1.5V Batteries / USB 4 x AAA 1.5V Batteries / USB
            Material PC ABS / Zinc Alloy PC ABS / Aluminium PC ABS / Cast Iron PC ABS / Cast Iron / Titanium
            Connectivity Bluetooth (≤50 feet)
            USB 2.0 Cable (≤ 5 Meter) USB 2.0 Cable (≤ 5 Meter)
            Bluetooth Industrial Class 1 (≤30 metre) (Optional)
            USB 2.0 Cable (≤ 5 Meter)
            Bluetooth Industrial Class 1 (≤30 metre)
            Operating Temperature 10°F to 120°F or -10°C to +50°C (Calibrated for the entire temperature range) +10°C to +40°C (Calibrated for the entire temperature range)
            Storage Temperature -20°C to +60°C
            Dimension (mm) 149 x 51 x 40 188 x 62 x 37
            Nett Weight (Approximate) 500 gram 580 gram 1100 gram 1150 gram
            User Self Calibration Yes
            * Product Specification and appearance are subject to change for product improvement without prior notice.
            ** Alternative device power can be obtained from External USB Power Source
            Blank Space - indicate this feature is not available for this model
            Dot "?" indicate that all models from this series have this feature.
            2-Axis Inclination Sensor Module
            TECHNICAL DATA QUICK REFERENCE* MODEL : Industrial-Grade
            DWL-5000XY DWL-5500XY
            Measuring Range (Single Axis Mode) 0° ~ ±90.00° 0° ~ ±10.000°
            Measuring Range (Dual Axis Mode) 0° ~ ±15.00° 0° ~ ±5.000°
            Resolution 0.01° (175μm/M or 0.002 in/Ft) 0.001° (18μm/M or 0.0002 in/Ft)
            Accuracy ±0.01° at 0° ~ 2.00°
            ±0.03° at other angles
            ±0.001° at 0° ~ 2.000°
            ±0.003° at other angles
            Repeatability ± 0.01° (175μm/M or 0.002 in/Ft) ± 0.001° (18μm/M or 0.0002 in/Ft)
            Cross Axis error (dual axis mode) Negligible (± 0.0025°) Negligible (± 0.00025°)
            Vibrometer (Relative g) 1.0 2.0
            Response time 10ms (Milliseconds) 500ms (Milliseconds)
            Power supply 9V DC
            Output mode RS232/ RS485: 8 Data bits, no parity, 1 stop bits, 115200bps
            USB 2.0 or Wireless Bluetooth connectivity (optional)
            Sensor Module Waterproof Rating IP65
            Sensor Module Base Material Aluminium Base - Cast Iron / Top cover-Aluminium
            Sensor Module Dimension (mm) 90 x 60 x 33
            Sensor Module Weight (approx.) 400g 600g
            Operating Temperature 4°F to 158°F or -20°C to +70°C
            Storage Temperature -30°C to +80°C
            * Product Specification and appearance are subject to change for product improvement without prior notice.
            Blank Space - indicate this feature is not available for this model
            Dot "?" indicate that all models from this series have this feature.
            PC Sync Software
            Pc Sync Basic Pc Sync Pro
            DWL-3000XY DWL-3500XY DWL-5000XY DWL-5500XY DWL-2000XY DWL-3000XY DWL-3500XY DWL-5000XY DWL-5500XY DWL-8500XY
            Relay Contact Output               ? ?  
            3D Surface Flatness Graph Meter                   ?
            Single-Axis Angle Meter ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
            Dual-Axis Angle Meter ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
            Smart 2D Bubble?         ? ? ? ? ? ?
            Single-Axis Angle Graph ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
            Dual-Axis Angle Graph           ? ? ? ? ?
            VibroMeter Graph           ? ? ? ? ?
            * Product Specification and appearance are subject to change for product improvement without prior notice.
            Blank Space - indicate this feature is not available for this model
            Dot "?" indicate that all models from this series have this feature.
            Mobile App Comparison
              FREE PRO
            Single Axis Angle Meter ? ?
            Dual Axis Angle Meter ?
            Smart 2D bubble?   ?
            Absolute Level ?
            (Single Axis Angle Meter Only)
            Alternate Zero   ?
            Units Measurement Change ?
            (Single Axis Angle Meter Only)
            Screenshot   ?
            Enlarge   ?
            Hold   ?
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